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Home Inspection in San Antonio

So you are buying a home and someone told you to get an inspection done. A home inspection is a great negotiation tool for closing. It also provides you the opportunity to learn if the house is safe, if everything is working, and to ask questions like: "What's this do?" or "Is this serious or just cosmetic?"

Pre-Sale Inspections

If you are thinking of selling your home soon, this inspection is for you. By having a pre-sale inspection you can get ahead of any issues that may come up during your sale. Find out what needs to be fixed or replaced to help you get the best sale price possible.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

This is the most common inspection I perform and the one most people know. This inspection is normally done during the option period of the home purchase. The inspection report can be used to give you more bargaining chips or to help you decide if you should buy the home.

Phase Inspections

A phase inspection is an inspection that takes place over the course of the building of a house. So if you are building a new home a phase inspection is recommended. The different stages that are commonly inspected are: pre-pour foundation inspections, framing inspection and final inspection.

How does it work?

1. Get a Quote

Call, text, email or fill out the form here on the website.  To get a quote I will need some information about the property, specifically the square footage, age of the home, septic or sewer, if there are any pools, sprinkler systems or outbuildings.  

2. Schedule 

Once your offer is in on the house, we can schedule it for as soon as possible.  This will allow you the most amount of time to review the report before the option period ends.

3. Contract

It is industry standard to have a signed contract prior to the inspection, and helps protect you and me.  I utilize an online inspection agreement system, making it easy to read and sign.  

4. Inspection

After the schedule and contract is ready I will arrange the inspection and perform it at the scheduled time.  The inspection normally takes a couple of hours and you are more than welcome to come during the inspection.  Once I complete the inspection we can do a walk through of the property and look at any red flags together.  I stay on-site until the report is complete. 

5. Payment

The invoice will be sent after the inspection and can all be paid online.  Just like everything else these days it can all be done with your phone.  

6. Report

After the payment comes through the report will follow.  It will be sent via email in a PDF format.  The report has a glossary at the end in case there is any terminology that is unfamiliar.